The Service of Christian Marriage

One of the joys of our life together as a community of faith at the Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church is to celebrate the commitment which two people make to share their life and love together in Christian marriage. We celebrate this commitment by and between our church members, and welcome non-members who may consider making the Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church the location of their special day. Our beautiful sanctuary provides a warm and welcoming backdrop to any service of Christian marriage, large or small.

A Christian wedding service is unlike a civil one. It is a worship service, and, as is the case in all services of worship, the focus is on God. In the marriage service, we especially give thanks to God for the gifts of love and fidelity. During a marriage service, the couple hears again the understandings and obligations of Christian marriage, and then, by exchanging vows and rings, they willingly enter into a lifelong commitment to fulfill them.

The “high point” of the service is not the pronouncement of marriage, but asking God to bless the marriage, and, by the wonders of God’s grace, to enable the partners in the marriage to fulfill their vows, thereby more fully enjoying all the blessings of life which God desires for humanity. It is generally a requirement that at least one of the partners must be a baptized and professing Christian.

For more detailed information about arranging your wedding at Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church, please review the following documents:

We hope this information is helpful to you as you plan for your wedding. However, do not hesitate to contact any member of the church staff if we can be of assistance. May God’s grace abound in your lives in this most exciting time.