Imagine thirty young people just returning from a mission trip, a child telling his father all about Noah’s ark.

An elderly church member is being greeted with flowers in her home and a new mother receives dishes of food ready to heat.

Hallways are packed with children leaving Sunday School and grown-ups making their way to adult classes.

A couple decides to make CCPC their spiritual home.

A former inmate testifies about his journey from prisoner to public health educator.

A person kneels in Johnson Chapel while the pastor prays for healing.

Through faithful giving, imagination becomes tangible, and God’s kingdom is in our midst. Your gifts make it all possible.


—The Rev. Molly Blythe Teichert


Who supports CCPC?
We support CCPC! Our financial support is an important part of our church membership.

About 90 percent of the operating budget for CCPC comes from the declarations of estimated giving received in response to the Annual Fund Drive. In fact, the church budget each year is set based on the pledges received. The operating budget is just over $1.2 million dollars. For more detailed information, view the Annual Report for 2013 and the Annual Financial Report for 2013.

There are real costs in a church community. To give but two examples, each worship service represents about $800 in expenses. Each child in church school represents about $730 in expenses. Over 100 groups and activities take place at CCPC. The church supports mission activities such as our church-1600based Transition Assistance Program (TAP) that provides services to serve the poor, homeless, unemployed, underemployed, and unserved men and women in the community, primarily by assisting them in obtaining essential information documents. CCPC also has an ongoing relationship with Shikokho, Kenya, to develop the medical clinic there. It takes ALL of us making our financial contribution to keep our church programs alive and vibrant, to build our vision of a church community that serves God by living his Word.

Why should I submit an estimate of giving?
Making an estimate up front gives the church a priority in our lives. It is part of our covenant of faith. As Christians, we believe that God’s greatest gift to us is our Savior Jesus Christ, and so, we should place God first not last. Making an estimated financial commitment helps us to be regular and systematic in our giving and lets our congregation know that it can count on our financial support barring any unusual circumstances. Our commitment becomes planned and not just a part of what is left over after all our other pledges have been met.

What about our other commitments?
Yes, we all do have other commitments – the mortgage or rent, the utility company, even our own saving programs. Could it be that these pledges are of higher concern than living out our response to God in a systematic way?

How much should I estimate?
A very important part of financial support for the church is basing it on a percent of total household income. Proportionate giving is the model in scripture and still works very well today. Giving on a proportionate basis, and doing it regularly, enables us to do better household planning and makes it easier to increase our giving by increasing that percent of income. If you haven’t made a financial church commitment before, try starting at 1.5 percent of your gross annual income, and increase the percent in future years. The Biblical pledge is a tithe – 10 percent.

What if I can’t complete my estimate?
A fact of life is that we cannot always keep the promises we make. Surely God understands that our financial giving may have to be changed. An estimate of financial giving is a statement that acknowledges the freedom of the giver to change that pledge at any time and that privilege is always honored. Giving can be adjusted – upward as well a downward – according to changing circumstances.

For your own growth, for the growth of the mission and ministry of your church and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) around the world, for providing exciting opportunities for growth in Christian commitment, make an estimate of financial support for the 2014 ministries of CCPC. It’s an expression of faith!

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