WNS Programs


A classroom with a home-like atmosphere provides our youngest children with their first opportunities to expand their world and relationships with peers and adults.
Daily activities include the use of pull, riding, and sorting toys that invite use and development of new skills. Snack time and outdoor play are favorite times of the day.
To enter the toddler program a child must me at least one year old by Aug. 31.


As daily routines are established, children become more group-oriented and further develop their social skills.
Daily activities include indoor and outdoor play, stories, use of age appropriate toys, music, art, snack, and rest time. Short walks in the neighborhood help children explore the world around them.
Children must reach their second birthday by Sept. 30.

Three- and four-year-olds

Through daily routines and activities, children are encouraged to expand their understanding of themselves and of the world in which they live.
Daily activities include group time, free play, music, art, snack, and outdoor play. Field trips during the year expand classroom experiences.
Maximum enrollment in the three-year-old class is 15, and the four-year-old class is 18.
Children must reach their third or fourth birthday by Sept. 30. For the five-day three-year-old class, children must be three years old by June 30.

Transition/4+ Class

Children who reach their fifth birthday by Sept. 30 are eligible for our 4+ class – the gift of an extra year at CCPC’s WNS – to mature physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually. We balance this with new challenges geared to meet each child’s individual needs.