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Bread Team

For over 20 years a small group of church members has been diligently working together in a weekly service – delivering left-over bread and bakery goods from a nearby Panera Bread Company in the area to a local soup kitchen. It is a win-win situation, with Panera donating good bread that would otherwise be thrown away, and the Bread Team transporting the bread to Shepherd’s Table in Silver Spring to feed the hungry.

The CCPC Bread Team currently works with the Panera on Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda. One of the team members is present to pick up shopping bags of left-overs and load them in his car at the Saturday closing at 9 p.m. or on Sunday between 7 and 9 a.m. The amount of baked goods varies from almost filling a car to just a few bags, depending on the sales of the day. The bags are filled with a variety of bagels, baguettes, loaves of bread, pastry of different kinds, cakes, and breakfast rings.

The team delivers the donation to Shepherd’s Table after 1 p.m. Sunday.