Christian belief honors the body as the earthly temple of the soul. When we die, the soul is freed from the body to return to God through Jesus. It was Jesus who said, “I go to prepare a place for you…that where I am, there you may be also.” The church through the ages has always sought to treat the body after death with reverence, and to designate dignified places for repose for whatever remains of the material part by which we have been known here, be it dust or ashes.

The Columbarium at Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church is a consecrated place where the remains of the deceased may be placed with the name and dates of birth and death recorded. It is a place for reflection and remembrance, a part of the church’s ongoing ministry to both the living and the dead. The Columbarium was established to serve members of the church. The ashes of others may be placed there with the permission of the Session.

A capstone covers each Columbarium niche containing four spaces. For inurnment, the capstone is removed to provide placement of an urn in its designated space, then the capstone is replaced and the joint between the stone is resealed.

The sale of both niches and spaces includes the cost and installation of a standard bronze plaque(s) for names and dates. A full-cost option that includes the prepaid costs for urn(s) and inurnment is also available.

The Session oversees all operations and maintenance of the Columbarium. Current prices always include amounts for future upkeep and repair. The Columbarium’s reservation space agreement includes a “Terms and Conditions” statement, which describes how the Session will manage this memorial space and future requests.

the memorial wall

On the wall of the Christian Education building facing the Columbarium, three stone memorial tablets have been installed with the inscription “Lovingly Remembered Here, Interred Elsewhere.” Here, bronze memorial plaques bearing the names of loved ones who had a relationship with the church may be installed.

more information

The executive administrator and the pastors welcome any questions you may have about the Columbarium and the Memorial Wall.

At the time a niche or space in The Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church Columbarium is purchased, the family is provided with a copy of the Columbarium Agreement – Terms and Conditions.

When the need arises to utilize a space in the Columbarium, it will be the responsibility of the family to:

  • Notify the church of the expected use of the Columbarium space;

  • Arrange for the cremation of the remains;

  • Pick up a standard bronze urn from the church, have the urn permanently marked with the name and dates of the birth and death of the deceased, and arrange to have the ashes placed in the urn (if you wish to use a different urn, it must fit in a space 6 x 6 x 9″ deep – some urns provided by funeral directors may be too large);

  • Deliver or make arrangements for delivery of the urn containing the ashes to the church prior to or at time of interment;

  • Make arrangements with the pastor for the interment service.

  • If you paid for the urn and the interment costs when you purchased the space, there will be no additional expense. If you deferred payment for the urn and interment costs, there will be an additional payment to cover this expense.

  • The Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church will be responsible for removing the capstone and replacing it after the interment.

  • A bronze plaque (showing only the name and dates of birth and death of the deceased) is standard for this Columbarium and is provided by the church without additional cost. The church will arrange for the engraving and installation of the plaque. This generally takes several weeks.

If you have questions or need assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to contact the church office at (202)-363-2202.