The Board of Deacons has, as its principal responsibility, congregational care. The Deacons carry out this responsibility by providing rides to church services for those needing assistance, delivering flowers, delivering casseroles, and visiting the sick, home-bound, or other members needing special attention.

Class of 2018
John Cole

Grace Hyslop

Chris Marvin

Emily Mazzella

Carolynn Race

Suzanne Stievater

Pat Strauss

Ann Stukes

Class of 2019

Kelley Abernathy

Chris Davenport

Sue De La Torre

Sarah Fudge

Tim Hanrahan

David Mills

Jane Pearson

Wiley Pearson

Sarah Smith

Jessica Wick

Kathy Latterner

Sigrid Lade

Class of 2020

Scott Corkran

Armin Groeschel

Susan Leister

Sandy Meredith

Joyce Zickler

Susan Brooks

Ellen Lee

Class of 2021

John Cole, Jr

Chris Davenport

Grace Hyslop

Rich Lindahl

Marianne Toussaint

Ron Wick

Elizabeth Woodworth

Erik Woodworth

Ann Stukes