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Technology is amazing, and yet it becomes obsolete so quickly! Do you have a "flip phone" from 2001? An old monitor collecting dust in the garage? How about that old cassette tape player from 1992? We have great news! The CCPC Earth Stewards Committee is holding its first "E-WASTE RECYCLING EVENT" on Saturday, April 27, from 8-11: 30 AM in the parking lot off Connecticut Ave and Oliver Street. Please bring in your old electronics to recycle in an environmentally friendly way. Please note, for any computers or phones, be sure to clear any sensitive data before recycling.

Acceptable electronics recycling items include:

·         Audio/visual equipment/Audio cassettes

·         Batteries* (no car batteries please)

·         Camcorders

·         Carbon monoxide detectors

·         CD Rom drives CDs/DVDs

·         Cell phones

·         Computers, monitors, printers, drives, related items

·         Connectors/cords/wires

·         Personal copy machines

·         Fax machines

·         Memory chips

·         Network/video/sound cards

·         Pagers

·         Power supplies

·         Scrap computer plastic

·         Scrap computer metal

·         Smoke detectors

·         TVs/VCRs/VCR tapes

·         Video games and software

 *To safely dispose of batteries with lithium or batteries of greater than 9 volts, please put clear, masking or electrical tape on the batteries' terminals or sandwich the batteries between two layers of tape (e.g., flat button cells). These batteries should be placed in a container separate from other batteries that don't require being taped. No car batteries, please.